Saturday, December 6, 2014

Santa Coffee Cup Cozy

It's definitely the Holiday season and if you're like me, you might be scrambling for presents and stocking stuffers. If you are like me, you're also itching to crochet Holiday-themed stuff! Here is a cute little cozy pattern for the Starbucks-sized cups, and they make great stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, or White Elephant gifts. It's super easy and once you get the hang of it will only take about 15 min to make. I've made and sold at least 30 of these this season and I'm positive you will enjoy it, too.

I recommend that you read through the instructions and look at the photos before you begin. It looks more complicated than it really is, I promise!

This cozy is made using the sc in the back loops (bl) only.

Do not turn at the end of each round; the entire project is worked with the right side facing.

The color changes are done tapestry-style. Don't worry, I have pictures to help you along!

Red Heart Super Saver in Red, Black, and Yellow
Size I hook

Chain 28, join to first ch to make a circle.
Row 1: With red yarn, Ch 1, sc in same ch, then sc in each ch around. Join with sl st. (28 sc)
Row 2: Ch 1, sc in same stitch, sc in bl of each sc around. sl st to first st to join.
Row 3: Ch 1, sc in bl of 10 sc; switch to yellow and sc in bl of 8 sc; switch back to red and sc in bl of 10 sc. Pick up black yarn and sl st to first sc to join.

To switch to yellow, work the 10th red stitch as follows: insert hook into bl of the 10th stitch, pull up a loop, drop the red yarn, pick up the yellow yarn, yarn over once (with yellow), and pull through two loops. Here's a picture:
To switch back to red, work the 8th yellow stitch and switch color as explained above. This is what it should look like:

Here's the part that's a bit tricky. when you pick up the red yarn again, you'll have to bring it across the back. Be sure to keep the yarn on the back side so it doesn't show on the front. Once the project is finished, it's going to look a bit messy on the wrong side. Just be sure not to pull too tightly, otherwise the project will pucker.
To pick up the black yarn, finish the last sc, insert hook into the first red stitch, drop the red yarn, pick up the black yarn, yarn over, and pull through the stitch and one loop:

Row 4-6: Ch 1, 10 sc in bl of 10 sc, switch to yellow, sc in bl of next 2 sc, switch to blk, sc in bl of next 4 sc, switch to yellow, sc in bl of next 2 sc, switch to blk, sc in bl of last 10 sc. sl st to first sc to join. (Row 6 ONLY: switch to red to join last st)

Here's what this should look like:
Remember to give your yarn enough slack when bringing the yarn along the back side so it doesn't pucker!

Row 7: Repeat row 3.
Row 8-9: Repeat row 2. Fasten off.

Here's what the wrong side looks like with the yarn that was brought along the back side:


Tuck in and tie up loose ends on the wrong side of the cozy and you're all done!

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